I just want to say, if you woke up this morning then welcome to the new day. Once in a while we need to realise that some people didn’t get this far, some didn’t make it to today. Life can be rough, it will throw you curve balls when you least expect it, but each one of us has the goods to overcome them, but sometimes we just don’t know it.

Everyday i hear bullshit about success and what it takes to make hundreds of millions of dollars, but is that really ALL that people want…? i don’t think so. We want to be valued, we want our lives to have worth, but for others to value you first you have to value yourself and realise you have things to bring to the table.

I know each of us has gifts, goals, vision and aspiration of what we want, or wanted to be, but we let people around us influence our decisions and plant doubt in our minds. Unfortunately it is usually those closest to us. Its not usually done to intentionally hurt or stop us, but in their eyes it is being done to protect us from being hurt. you see “No risk, no lose” simple.

You have to take a pragmatic approach to achieving your passion. It sounds strange to link these things, but levels of passion can vary, just like motivation, but being pragmatic in how you close in on your goal will take you one step closer each day. Don’t let the negativity sink in to your mindset. Keep a journal and a clear set of goals and each day chip away at closing the gap on this goals.

Don’t dwell on the days you wasted or the losses you faced. In the world of competitive shooting we talk about it in terms of worrying about the bullet thats already left the gun, you can’t change where it went, you can only learn from it and prepare for the next shot.

We get limited days, just how limited we do not know, so as my new shirt says… HAVE A GOAL… QUIT THE BULLSHIT… WORK TO TAKE IT.


Have an awesome day. GVB

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